The Delta-Portal has been established as a means of communicating and sharing spatial data outputs from selected delta research projects. The intended audience is comprised of project partners, stakeholders and the broader research community, especially those with an interest in areas of delta management around the world.

What data is available?

The portal contains all relevant spatial data pertaining to a delta research project, from its physical delineation through to anthropogenic interventions that define its characteristics. The portal contains the reference datasets (and their relevant metadata), together with details of their licensing and availability for download.

The GeoNetwork instance that underpins the portal is a single node in the broader network of nodes sharing and disseminating delta research outputs in a similar way. GeoNetwork is designed to regularly 'harvest' directly with these other delta research nodes, thus providing a constantly up-to-date, de-centralised online repository of the latest delta research outputs.


The Delta-Portal benefits all stakeholders involved in delta research as it links together the latest spatial data outputs in a decentralised way. Metadata conforming to ISO standards are shared, and by linking together the appropriate research nodes in this way, unnecessary duplication of effort is avoided.

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